raisinheadLocal favorites Raisinhead have been playing together for 15 years and have traveled all over the North East bringing you the music of The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers and many original tunes.

Each of the members have been involved in other musical projects and still manage to get together and play. Recently, Raisinhead has begun to book more local shows in the 518 area due to the success of recent shows.

Look for their latest tour information along with any news on the members of Raisinhead right here.

Raisinhead Live!

Some Audio from Various Shows

All songs recorded live by Jason Townley

I remember singer/guitarist/songwriter Rob Beaulieu (Raisinhead) telling me in an interview about how influential the classic sounds of blues, soul, gospel, folk and rock music are in his playing. He’s soaked up all of those rootsy old school vinta…
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